Lucidflow Records Demo Upload

IMPORTANT : Read this Infos FIRST before going on....

-> don’t copy! Be creative and build YOUR OWN beats and sounds!
-> only upload finished tracks. We will NOT give any feedback on your unfinished tracks.
-> enter info into the ID3 tags: track title, your name, your email
-> make sure the style of your music fits the label or your following demos will be deleted right away
-> fill in your email and info – upload your file – close the window - that’s it!
-> we will need up to 4 weeks to get back to you. So we kindly ask for your patience. If you haven't heard in 4 weeks of us, we are 99% not interested. But our normal way is to try to answer every upload we get.
-> do not upload more than 5 tracks every quarter
-> we prefer to do eps so a minimum of 3 tracks makes it more easy for us to decide on your art

the demo upload has 2 steps

STEP 1 - Your Details
STEP 2 - Your Uploads (you can also just drag and drop your tracks)

thank you for reading and understanding 

STEP 1 - Your Details

Your artist name : Your email : Infos about you , your music and your project...


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send files
Thank you for your uploads. Wait until all your files are uploaded then you can close this window. - a lucidflow tool to deliver you the finest sounds